Inner Inmate Mindfulness, Wisdumb and such

I don't need to know if I am coming or going, I just need to be mindful of where I am...

recordings of the M.B.S.R./Stress Reduction through Mindful Living meditation practices

These are the recordings used in my MBSR and other classes. They are made freely available to use by all interested, not just those in the classes. Please use care and common sense if you choose to use the recordings - for instance, do not listen to these while driving, stop and take appropriate measures & seek proper attention if anything uncomfortable or painful occurs, and such.  

While you are welcomed to contact me (contact form here) with feedback and questions, I may not be available, so please take good care of yourself. Thank You.


Below are the Mindfulness Based Program Short Practice

Click and play or right click and download.

Also available for playing and download from this link: