Inner Inmate Mindfulness, Wisdumb and such

I don't need to know if I am coming or going, I just need to be mindful of where I am...

Awareness, Compassion, mindfulness - backed by research and experience, how to practice self care and mitigate against burn out
Scott Rogers 
The Elements of Mindfulness: 
An invitation to explore the nature of waking up to the present moment . . . and staying awake
Scott Rogers developed the SoBe Mindful method as a foundation for newcomers to mindfulness as well as a refreshing immersion long term practitioners. The fundamental aspect of the approach allows it to flow naturally across all wisdom traditions and forms of mindfulness teachings.
 Patricia Isis Ph.D. ATR-BC, LMHC, ATCS 's The Mindful Doodle Book: 75 Creative Exercises to Help You Live in the Moment provides the mental health professional and client with simple, flexible, fun ways to access selected ordinary and extraordinary life experiences.
Newly updated! Willy Garcia's book about staying and living in the NOW!